The Hindu Mandir Association’s Car Park facility at (our Property) Shree Laxminarayan Mandir, Burbank is one of the major capital expenditure projects being undertaken by HMA after previously completing The Utility Building, The Main Temple Complex, The Priest Residence, The Dining Hall, The Main Entry Driveway and Gate, The Toilet and Washroom Facility, to name a few..

What a proud achievement! The Car Park is due for completion in mid-December 2013 at a cost of approximately $384 000 and will have 85 car parking slots complete with a central foot path equipped with 8 antique lights and 8 pole light assemblies around the parking area.

Excluding the cost of real estate and Deities, the HMA has to-date injected an estimated $1.114m into infrastructure developments and land improvements.

This has been made possible purely from donations received from life members, devotees and business houses together with various fund raising functions.

Thanks to all those who have contributed unconditionally and all Executive Committees since the inception of HMA.

Upon completion of The Car Park project our next major challenge will be Community Hall estimated to cost approximately $1.2m and needs to be completed by mid December 2016.

With the God’s Blessing on Hindu Community, anything related to preservation of our religion, culture, heritage, etc. is possible.

by Ashok Prasad, HMA Project Manager

Authorised by: HMA Management Committee
Dated: 01 December 2013